Trinity's Logs

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   This is it bloods, I'm not going to be keeping any more logs unless under very special circumstances, but I will keep these here for any who wish to reference them.
LogStarting DateDescription
The Combat Seminar6-11-99   This is my log of the Combat Seminar, which took place on Friday June 11th 1999, at 9pm EST. Nexus and myself modified this file for your viewing pleasure, eliminating the useless chat (Greetings, goodbies, typo corrections, useless jokes and acknoledgements). After this, the file was cut from about 30 pages to 14... Enjoy !
Errin's Poison TP6-15-99   Events leading to (we hope) the recovery of Errin Eaglepride from a deadly poison.
Tavius's Demise6-16-99   The battle which occured in the Leather Tiefling's pit, which included Shikina, Tyrone, Tavius, and myself.
Ral'gar's Second Weapon Shipment6-17-99   Ral'gar leaves for another expedition into Baator, unfortunately this one does not go quite as planned.
Trinity's Tarokka Reading6-18-99   Irieni's tarokka card reading of Trinity. (The title says it all ‡)
The Book of Keeping TP6-24-99   A series of events involving the conflict between Neven, the Book of Keeping, and Heregul.
Trinity's and Delguran's Exchange6-27-99   This is the deal and exchange Trinity made to recieve her scimitars.
Fiendsoup TP6-30-99   A visit from a baatezu to the Soup leads to unexpected events.
Scope TP7-11-99   Skimbleshank's search for the various scope artifacts, which permit viewing of any creature of a particular planar 'breed'.