PSMUSH Section

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   This section contains some infomation on MUSHing in general, and a few other darks I have collected. I hope you find this information of use, enjoy.
MUSHing Basics
A very usefull collection of basic MUSH commands, gratefully donated to the Evergold Portal.

MUSH Manual 2.008
   Section 0: Complete Table of Contents    Section 1: Getting Started
   Section 2: Building and an Intro to Programming    Section 3: Programming Applications
   Section 4: Wizard's Supplement    Section 5: The Art of Psychocoding

The Lady's Cage MUSH
This is now more of an archive, commemorating the Lady's Cage as it was before the New Mush Order. For more current information you can utilize the link above to visit their homepage.

Sigil at a Glance
Trinity is always glad to show both newcomers and old aquaintences around Sigil.

Maps of the Lady's Cage
Maps which I have created on my computer for the various burgs.

Trinity's Logs
A few of the experiences Trinity has had in the Lady's Cage.