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   Notes: Most of the destinations found under 'Obvious exits' as well as a few portals leading to and from other locations within Sigil are actually linked, for ease of reference. Also, there are particular commands to make movement easier within the Lady's Cage. These include CW, which moves a body clockwise along the ring, CC which moves on counterclockwise, SW which will take you spireward (towards the center of the ring), and RW which takes a body rimward. I hope you enjoy your visit.
Lady's Ward: Guvner's Mile
   This long road zig-zags though the Lady's Ward, neat signposts at every corner. Elaborate buildings, some home to affluent businesses, line the road, many with decorative fences encircling them. Partway down the street, the road widens to make way for the gigantic pillared City Courthouse, all slightly grayed marble and limestone. In the street just outside, a mass of people obscures even the cobblestones themselves, everyone from detainees to advocates to merchants and general passers-by making their way through. Despite the seemingly chaotic jumble, a number of guards posted by the Courthouse seem to keep the crowd flowing well.
Obvious exits:
(R) Rue de la Foi  (A) Advocates' Run  (C) The City Courthouse  (F) Fortune's Wheel  (P) Petitioner's Square  (D) Dwr Budr Avenue
Lady's Ward: Petitioner's Square
   Grim, grey, and utterly ordered, this large square is usually unoccupied, the cobbles echoing under a body's boots. A barbed metal fence surrounds the square, with tall spiked posts at each of the entrances. One side of the square is completely taken over by the grim stone facade of the city prison, the towers on every corner shining a beam of continual light to the courtyard within. Plain box-like houses and shops line the streets outside the main part of the square, order forcibly intrinsic in this part of the city. One large tower, seperated from the Prison by a thin broken-down archway, looms ominously above the square.
Obvious exits:
(R) Rotten Row  (383) A Geodesic Dome  (P) The Prison Entrance  (G) Guvner's Mile  (D) Darlington Street
Lower Ward: Darlington Street
   The more prosperous area of the Lower Ward, bodies of all shapes and sizes roam the streets, stopping at the occasional shop or tavern. Tidy stone buildings, mostly grey from the occasional rain of ash, often have trimmed trellises of razorvine crawling up the walls—the cheap form of home security—and iron grillwork covering the windows and roof. Occasionally, larger houses and smiths' forges break the dull monotony of this street.
Obvious exits:
(N) Newgate Road  (V) The Parted Veil  (P) Petitioner's Square  (B) Brandy Street
Lower Ward: Brandy Street
   A gritty haze of smoke has settled over the buildings here, laying a fine tracing of ash on window ledges and roofs. The simple, plain abodes are wedged firmly together, jostling for the little space left; many of them have had second or third stories added, looming over the dirt street. The smokestacks of the Foundry belch out smoke from blocks away, but the more noticable feature here is the stretch of rubble-laden ground, untouched by even the most frenetic builders. In the midst of this destruction can be seen the ruins of a large building, a mere hundred yards away.
Obvious exits:
(G) Gear Run  (F) The Foundry  (S) The Shattered Temple   (D) Darlington Street  (V) Vertiginous Trail
Lower Ward: Vertiginous Trail
   Leading in a dizzying narrow roadway along soot-blackened houses, a small marker at a nearby corner denotes this street as 'Vertiginous Trail'. Dark, huddled figures walk quickly though the neighborhood, nobody stopping too long at any one place—the only exception being the stench of rot and smoke overlaying the entire area. In the distance towards the Lower Ward, the bridge over the Ditch can be seen, the water glistening in oily greenish shades below. Narrow alleyways and streets run off from Vertiginous Trail, as if trying to slink off as far away as possible.
Obvious exits:
(S) Shadowtown  (G) The Green Mill  (R) Ragpicker's Square  (B) Brandy Street  (D) Dark Spiral Lane
Hive Ward: Dark Spiral Lane
   Twisting, winding alleys intersect and writhe in strange patterns within this area of the Lower Ward, walls of the ramshackle buildings overhanging the street. A wooden sign for Darkwell Court points rimward, but as far as can be seen, no designation for this street exists. Toothless, misshapen beggars sit slumped against walls, or haltingly walking along the streets, begging in mumbled voices.
Obvious exits:
(S) Sinner's Crawl  (C) Chaos Soup Offices  (T) The Tenth Pit  (V) Vertiginous Trail  (B) Barmy Run
Hidden exits:
(stairs) Cellar Stairway; To Infinite Staircase: Spiral Staircase
Hive Ward: Barmy Run
   More open than most of the Hive Ward, Barmy Run is packed with bodies, be it day or night. Cheap peddlers, bubbers, dubious-looking characters, artists, barmies, and more assorted folks give the road a morbidly festive air. Atop a nearby hill, a long line of people and creatures zig-zags up the to the top, where a large low-lying building sits.
Obvious exits:
(A) Heilige Allee  (G) The Gatehouse  (H) The depths of the Hive  (D) Dark Spiral Lane  (B) Black Boot Lane
Hive Ward: Black Boot Lane
   Dirty children run alongside the road, looking strangely like malignant parasites as they scuttle though the gloom and smoke. Razorvine-entangled buildings sway in the occasional gust of wind, barely remaining upright while slime and refuse ooze through the gutters lining the hard-packed dirt road. Every couple of blocks, a blackened boot stuck on a pole marks the street, although most residents would recognize it by the stench of rot and smoke. Somewhere off in the distance, a slight flicker of light denotes a burning building; nobody around here seems concerned.
Obvious exits:
(Sl) The Slags  (S) Sound Of Street  (B) Barmy Run
(S) Sound Of Street glows with the quiet sheen of a portal. To Minauros: Sinking Waste. portal sloth, portal chains to return
Clerk's Ward: Sound Of Street
   This, the shabbier part of the Clerk's Ward, can be seen to degrade further as it continues on towards Black Boot Lane. Most of the houses in this area are understated buildings, piled haphazardly around and on top of each other, the signature iron spikes and irregular curves of Sigil's roofline mingling into a disordered mess. A large sandstone tower can be seen rising high above the roofs, in the distance.
Obvious exits:
(M) Modus Operandi Circle  (G) The Garden  (H) Hall of Records  (B) Black Boot Lane  (C) Crystal Dew Lane
(H) Hall of Records glows with the quiet sheen of a portal. To Dwr Budr Avenue. portal mud
Clerk's Ward: Crystal Dew Lane
   Intersecting with Festive Road halfway down, Crystal Dew Lane explodes into a burst of color and noise, for the Civic Festhall rests squarely on the corner of the two streets. Dancers, jugglers, singers, and people with beasts of all kinds (and beasts with people of all kinds) congregate in the street, spilling out from the Festhall's main plaza. Mildly opulent shops and taverns line the rest of the street, each offering something unique or special.
Obvious exits:
(Sp) The Spire Winery  (Gr) Grain of Salt Road  (G) Greengage  (C) Civic Festhall  (S) Sound Of Street  (F) Festive Way
Clerk's Ward: Festive Way
   Running straighter than many of the Sigil's streets, the curvature of the city is more visible, with the street rising 'uphill' both in front and behind any given place. A few streets over, a massive ovoid building with a tall spire protruding from the top rises above the usual Sigilian architecture. A slightly smaller, squat marble building lurks on the edge of the road, marked with a placard: Hall of Information.
Obvious exits:
(E) Estrada das Potencias  (H) Heliotropic Way  (S) Hall of Speakers  (I) Hall of Information  (C) Crystal Dew Lane  (R) Redwind Road
Guildhall Ward: Redwind Road
   Named for the erratically-shaped red brick buildings along this street, Redwind Road swerves through many of Sigil's busier thoroughfares. Crowds of people congregate around the street performers here, tossing the occasional coin.
Obvious exits:
(S) Saint's Walk  (A) Arts and Oddities  (I) Iktar B'lend Museum  (F) Festive Way  (G) Gregare Plaza
(G) Gregare Plaza glows with the quiet sheen of a portal. To La Pax: The Common Ground. portal peace
Guildhall Ward: Gregare Plaza
   Just off Cordant Street, this luxuriously large plaza spreads out before the traveller, giving a wide view of the Great Gymnasium. The Gymnasium's low-lying marble walls show a series of murals, with each of the city's faction's symbols depicted brightly. Surrounding the plaza on all sides are more of Sigil's varied buildings, many of them white limestone with iron decorations. Near the very center of the plaza is a large fountain with circles engraved on the sides, gurgling restfully.
Obvious exits:
(M) Moebius Ride  (G) Great Gymnasium  (R) Redwind Road  (C) Cordant Street
Market Ward: Cordant Street
   The bazaar's cheerful frenzy of buying and selling carries over into Cordant Street, the road is always partly blocked by some wagon, merchant, or other distraction. More established businesses, with full storefronts, have settled here, a variety of colored and carved signs hanging above every door.
Obvious exits:
(S) Scaf Street  (T) Tempus Sigilian News Offices  (P) Gregare Plaza  (G) Grand Bazaar
Grand Bazaar: Liberty Street
   After walking through Sigil's gray, lifeless streets, coming upon the Grand Bazaar comes as a relative sensory overload. Every colour of the known spectrum fills the eye, and the noise of the crowd here is louder than anywhere else in the city, save deeper in the Bazaar. The caravans are sprawled across the streets like a spilled ant farm. A gypsy company dances merrily on the back of it's cart, across from a gith selling indulgences for the church of Jubilex. The laws of Sigil aren't well enforced here, as the Indeps who run the bazaar stress the freedom of the many.
Fortune-teller's Tent
Announcement Platform
Obvious exits:
(R) Red Alastor Ave  (Y) Ypmit's Freight Roadway  (T) Tl'a'kna Plaza  (D) Dwr Budr Avenue  (C) Cordant Street
Lady's Ward: Dwr Budr Avenue
   Large houses, trimmed in marble and fine stone, line this long avenue. Occasional Harmonium patrols march along the street, others parting to make way for them; like much of Sigil, Dwr Budr Avenue is busy, but far from crowded. Various streets lead off into the distance, the peaks and turrets of mansion-sized buildings visible in the distance. In the other direction, the houses gradually fade away and give way to various shops and elaborate tents.
Obvious exits:
(D) Duende Blvd  (C) The City Barracks  (B) Grand Bazaar  (G) Guvner's Mile
(G) Guvner's Mile glows with the quiet sheen of a portal. To Sound Of Street. portal chime