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    "Well met bloods, I am Trinity Brighteyes of the Transcendent Order...." Transcendent Order

    "The Evergold Portal.... A small shrine to be found within the winding streets of Sigil. Devoted to travelers and the gathering of knowledge, it bestows a reverence of life and that which it offers to all who enter it's halls. Both a sense of peace, and a love for life can be found within, as well as a shimering pool.... After ascending a few short steps, a body can gaze into the golden pool, gently swirling, framed by a ring of dark grey, rough-hewn bricks.... It is whispered that this is a one-way portal to a handfull of destinations, if one is well lanned. Finaly, if all else fails, if a body enters without a proper key, he will wind up at a random location in Olympus, the first layer of Arborea. You have been properly cautioned...."

    "Thank you for stoping by, I hope you enjoy your visit, and if you have any further inqueries or coments, do not hesitate to inform me."

Guest Area
[Last Updated: 08/23/2000]

Visit this area and relax a bit, sign my geustbook, or listen to a bit of the chant.

PSMUSH Section
[Last Updated: 06/25/2000]

This is my museum to the Planescape MUSH, containing various darks about the place, as well as several logs of me and my friends RPing.

The Darcaster
[Last Updated: 12/07/2003]

It has begun... This compilations of necromantic lore is finally being translated into 3E. You have been warned, tread carefully traveler. (Note: I still have all the original material but will not be updating them further. If you are interested in what I completed for 2nd Ed feel free to email me and I will pass a copy your way.)

Roleplaying Section
[Last Updated: 09/15/2004]

Material for paper and pencil RPGs, relating to all settings in general.

Fonts Section
[Last Updated: 01/03/2000]

Just a few fonts that you may wish to aquire if you have not already.

[Last Updated: 09/16/2000]

This is where I'll keep the banners of any Webrings my page is attached to.

Portals to other Sites
[Last Updated: 11/08/2000]

And finally, the handfull of portals leading from the Evergold Portal to other locations in the multiverse.... ‡)