Roleplaying Section
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In this section will be placed information, tools, utillities, and and anything else that may be usefull for 'paper and pencil' games.

The World of Weather
I took the time to reproduce this in an eletronic format, it originating from the Wilderness Survival Guide (TSR 2020). The system is based upon real-world earth, so even though it was originaly produced for AD&D, it is eaxtremely easily used for any RPG system since it only take a little time for the GM and a couple of dice.

The Power of a Name
Even many of the clueless realise the power within a name. Here is a reference to help you create your own.

The Unabridged 3E PLAYER'S HANDBOOK Glossary
Compiled by Kim Mohan, I simply performed some touch-ups to hopefully help clairify and allow ease of reference. Also included are links to the original "printable" version and also the PDF file if you wish a copy.