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     Welcome to the Isles of Philae, drifting throughout Thalasia. As the chant goes, this small chain was once assaulted by the Thalastrom. The elders to be found on these isles where prepared for the devastating mælstrom, and constructed great domes to protect their kips. However, so great was the hurricane's furry that the isles where torn from the churning waters. The magics protecting these isles where strong as well, and once the storm had passed they remained intact, even if now floating above the sea. As an additional quirk, the isles now drift about the layer, apparently avoiding any further contact with the Thalastrom. It is said this effect was caused by the "travelers' way" which affects all of Elysium.
     This was all some time ago, when the Thalastrom first touched Thalasia. Since that time the residents have returned to their lives and repaired what little damage was caused. The domes themselves where constructed to repel the effects of storms, so when the occasional traveler does stumble upon Philae, the body can enter freely and often recieves a warm welcome. After the wanderer is rested up, and is prepared to press on, he often departs to spread the tale of the floating Isles of Philae....

If you would like to view my guestbook, go here.

For those of you unfamilar with some of the termonology I use, I suggest you view this Guidebook to Planar Cant.

If a body is interested in reading a few of the adventures I have participated in, then perhaps you should visit my Logs Archive.

Within this area can be found a documentary upon a nation located upon the prime of Aber Toril. And now, for thy reading enjoyment, here is the History of Dambrath.

Stray Souls
For my first personality in this section, you can meet my friend MIELIKKI. I did not assign any particular d&d stats to her, but may at a later time. Also, if there is a personality you would like placed here, I'd be more than happy to do so and denote the author, but I am more interested in background than stats (in the style of Uncaged).

Then there is BALGOR the fiend. He's quite something else (alright, so I was a little bored... The concept is not mine, however, all that is found here is work created by myself).

A bit curious of Trinity's past? Well, chances are slim of finding much out about it, however, here is a pic of her and Irieni when the two where young. And if you wish to learn more of Irieni, feel free to visit VK's Webfolio.

Alright, here it is, I finally gathered up bits and pieces of my past, so if you wish to learn a bit more of the body known as TRINITY BRIGHTEYES, this is your opportunity.