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Come, and learn what levels a fiend will sink to to gain personal power..

Balgor: 'Drink milk, or else..'
     "Sometimes on the Lower Planes things get a little too hot to handle. But there's an easy way to cool down. Milk. It strengthens my bones, and gives me all the vitamins I need to rip berks a new bone-box. They hate when I do that...."
     Hey, what can be said, he's a balor. His name has a little originality however..
     It all came about a long time ago, in a distant lower plane.... A leather-headed prime saw him coming and screached 'It's a balgor! Run!'. Of course they didn't get very far and the balor ripped them apart, but after that, he hesitated just a moment, taking a liking to the clueless name.
     Since that time, Balgor has traveled far and wide, and seen many a wonder. He is currently under the employ of the National Diary Association, frightening small children into drinking milk as well as chalenging other balors to aspire as far as he has. So you children, as well as balors, drink your milk, or Balgor may come to gobble you up..
brought to you by the National Diary Association