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Welcome, I hope you find this material of use, for it is more than I usualy speak of myself or my history.

A bit of Trin's dark history
Trinity Brighteyes pic©Vk
    Trinity was originally created in times long gone, by the deity Kanchelsis. Little is known of the actual process, but it is belived to be a corruption of how evlves where first created. Known as the Trinity Binding, Kanchelsis shaped a vessel from his own corrupted blood, and bestowed a mind and soul upon the newly forming body. It is not known if any other 'blood golems' were ever constructed by the deity.
    As a servent of Kanchelsis, Trinity performed many reconnaissances against her lords sworn enemies, the Seldarine. As such she learned considerable knowledge of elves, and the plane of Arborea and its inhabitants.
    However, after long centuries of such work, the soul captured to form Trinity built up enough strength to rebell, and shattered the mind, causing Trinity to all but forget the atrocieties she had commited and to begin a new life in Sigil.
    In such a state, all she even wished to remember of her past is she fled from her father, and could not even recall her mother. In this she lived among the streets of Sigil, in the Lower and Hive wards for many years, untill she was taken in by a Cipher and taught the ways of self defense as well as to look into herself for the answers to life. Ultimately, it was these teachings which brought about a 'reawakening' and the reconstruction of her shattered mind.
    This brings us to more recent times, Trinity still wishing to be free, but knowing her very body to be the blood of her dreaded father. As fate would have it however, a ghaele named Aithne of Far Isle happened to be traveling in Sigil at a time Trinity was wanted by the Harmonium for many crimes, and recognized her as an invader of Arborea long ago. Aithne wasted little time tracking Trinity, for appearently, time had caused Trinity to become very sloppy in her work. In a brief confrontation, Aithne almost slew Trinity, but not before she had a chance to sample the ghaele's blood and teleport away.
    Forming a scheme to deal with several thorns in one fell swoop, Trinity contacted the Harmonium and arranged for her trial. With the aid of previous conections she had made, Trinity assured the trial would be swift, and the penalty death. In this method, it would lure Aithne to the trial, to be sure the threat was truely eliminated.
    In the meantime, Trinity connected the wizard H'taed, for assistance in modifying a complicated Final Strugle† ritual. Once the trial took place, with Aithne in attendance, Trinity's body was slain, freeing her from servitude to Kanchelsis, and her soul was released and finally permitted to ascend. This triggered the final strugle, which was tailored to specifically target Aithne, using the ghaele's blood still flowing through Trinity's form. However, instead of replacing Aithne's soul, Trinity's mind was instead imprinted over the ghaele's consciousness, erasing it and corrupting the soul with her tainted thoughts. The good within the soul did change Trinity's being, and instead of being a creature of the night (as Trinity was), or one dedicated to the wellbeing of others (as Aithne was), a balanced needed to be struck between the mind and soul, and thus became purely a being of chaos, more centered upon survival.
    Trinity does retain a heart still willing to assist others, as well as a keen and scheming mind, but is not concearned with moralities, as much as what is within her heart.
    Finally, since she surrendered and faced her sentancing, Trinity is no longer hindered by the Harmonium hounding her more than usual, and is attempting to return to her 'normal' life that she built before her memories started to return to her.

†= goto the Final Strugle spell.