Fonts Section

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   Here in lies all the fonts I use about my site, as well as a few which I do not but may in the future.
   Exocet: The 'official' Planescape font, and the one most used on my homepage.

   Morpheus: This font is not actually used on the site, however, Thanurel did use it in the creation of the Evergold logo.

   Carolingia: This is my favorite font, it reminds me of Arabic script. I use this font within my Darcaster.

   Stonehenge: The name describes this font rather well, unfortunately it still needs to find a new home upon my site.

   Calisto: A pleasant font reminiscent of Times New Roman. This one also needs to find a new home on my page.

   University Roman: This one actually has a little 'flourish' and style all of it's own. This flowing and pleasent font has found a new home in my Guest Area.

   Magic Medieval: The Roleplaying Section makes use of this font. Seemingly a toned down version of caligraphy, it has a fancy overtone without actually making alot of alterations to the basic script.