The Darcaster
The Darcaster
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    This dark tome is bound in what appears to be tangible, shadowy scales. Upon the cover, etched into the scales with sivler, is an arcane mark... Trinity's Rune
    There is no lock to bar entry to it's dented and scortched iron pages; however, the tome exudes such a strong aura of death and negative energy, that any good aligned being is loathe to even touch the foul grimore. For all other accounts, it appears to be an ordinary spellbook, and it's size and weight is that of more conventional versions. Leafing through it's pages a body won't discover a single unused page in which to pen new spells, however, rumors speak of how new spells occasionally appear within it's covers without warning or announcement.
   Penned in blood upon mishapen and chared iron sheets, this tome contains many dark secrets and necromantic lore. For necromancers and undead whom wish to study the incantations within, the blood radiates negative energy which permits them to study this tome as if it was their own spell book, as well as in even magical darkness. Unfortunately for all others, it is believed that these same emenations slowly drain away a being's vitality without them ever realising.

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